Turkey Creek Christian Church

Formerly known as Turkey Creek Christian Church

This church was first organized in the autumn of 1867 by the joint labors of Elders James Snow and J. D. Morgan, with seventeen charter members. The officers were: J. D. Morgan, evangelist; Jeremiah and Joseph Deadmond were elders; Joseph Wilburn and Thomas Deadmond were deacons. This congregation grew to thirty-seven members and then to "deadlock" by removal of its minister, J. D. Morgan. He remained away five years, but in the fall of 1877 returned. In the spring of 1878 re-organized with nineteen members, appointing Jeremiah Deadmond and Andrew Deadmond as elders; John Bennett and Thomas Deadmond as deacons. At this time the membership was increased to twenty-seven. This congregation had no church house in 1881 but was meeting in the district school house.

The Christian people purchased the ground December 20, 1892, from Isaac and Netta Main and bought the building in early mid-winter of 1893. Bro. H. N. Hays held a four weeks meeting with several uniting with the church. John R. Deadmond, now residing at Salem, was one of the group that was baptized December 6, 1894, and is the only one living. He was a teenage boy and helped build the church from the foundation up.

The church was also known as Crossroads Christian, because of its location at the crossroad. It was later named Barr Christian Church. This dedication was preached by Bro. J. D. Morgan.

This church is located in the area which the early settlers called the "Deadmond settlement." There is a record of approximately 60 Deadmond conversions since the church was organized.