Odin Rankin School

The land for Rankin School wad deeded May 27, 1884, from Mary Hamlin, Jennie Hamlin and Newton Hamlin to the directors, M. A. Dace, John Flannigan and S. E. Hill.

In 1909 Ella Phillips was hired by the district at $30.00 per month. Records show Lucille Hurd was hired in 1915 at $35.00.

The first building was replaced with a new building in 1916.

Margaret Robinson made $60.00 per month in the year 1919 and 1920 Gladys McClelland was hired for $75.00 with Georgie West making the same salary in 1927.

The price for teaching went to $80.00 in 1931 with Eunice Tinkler hired.

Mary Hawley in 1940 and Virginia Scott in 1942 were paid $90 per month.

The year 1944 found pupils transported to other schools.

The building was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Ben Young in 1952.