The parents and teachers of the Odin Community met on Thursday, March 18, 1938 for the purpose of organizing a P.T.A. in Odin. The parents that were present at this meeting were: Mrs. Lee Conrad, Mrs. Lloyd Allison, Mrs. Bert Deadmond, Mrs. Harvey Hurd, Mrs. Roy W. Mercer, Mrs. Bert Gum, Mrs, Edgar Johnson, Mrs. Charles Rippy, Mrs. Sherman Pursley, Mrs. George Powell, Mrs. William Pursley, Mrs. Charles Sloan, Mrs. Wallie Smith, Mrs. Eddie Soper, and Mrs. Ralph Willis. Teachers attending were: Miss Connaway, Miss Hawley, Mrs. Pearl Loudermilk. Our visiting advisor at that meeting was Mrs. Williams of Salem. At that meeting the following officers were elected; President—Mrs. Charles Sloan, Vice President—Mrs. Lura Dace, Secretary Mrs. William Pursley, Treasurer—Mrs. Bert Deadmond.

Through the many years the P.T.A. has been a very active and a helpful part of school work as well as being a valuable asset to our community. Since the P.T.A. was organized 23 years ago, the parents and teachers of our community have made many accomplishments. The P.T.A. sponsors the grade school and high school basketball banquets. One meeting a year we have a banquet for our parents and teachers. Every two years we have a school carnival which is our basic means of finance. Every year we have a finance committee which works to keep our financed in proper order. Through the years the P.T.A. has bought instruments for the band, band uniforms, rhythm band uniforms, playground equipment several times, remodeled girls dressing room, bought dishes, silverware and tables for cafeteria, utensils for the home economics rooms, pianos, movie projector and screen, mimeograph machine, bicycle track, coffee makers for P.T.A., new flag for flag pole, tape recorder, hot water heater for Home Ec. Room, bell system for high school, purchased reading circle books for the first eight grades, sponsored health program and milk program, helped support youth center and boy scouts. Every year the P.T.A. helps support the Red Cross, Cancer fund, Tuberculosis, and the heart fund. We also sponsor the Cub Scouts from year to year. The Christmas treat for the entire school and staff is bought by the P.T.A. To name all the different accomplishments the P.T.A. has made these years is almost impossible. The little things that have been done for our community and school mean as much to us as the big ones.

Our past presidents are as follows:

1937—Mrs. Charles Cload

1938—Mrs. Roy W. Mercer

1939—Mrs. Edward Soper

1940—Mrs. Eugene Lusch

1941—Mrs. Maude Houtz

1942—Mrs. Mary Rippy

1943—Mrs. Irene Meigs

1944—Mrs. Isabelle Conrad

1945—Russell Brewer

1946—Rev. John Jenkins

1947—Mrs. Jewell Murphy

1948—Mrs Glenda Buchanan

1949—Mrs. Wallace Georg

1950—Mrs. Geneva Nicholson

1951—Mrs. Palma Prahl

1952—Mrs. Opal Chappell

1953—Mrs. Geneva Nicholson

1954—Mrs. Geneva Nicholson

1955—Mrs. Marie Tate

1956—Mrs. Dalene Morrison

1957—Mrs. Nita Burkett

1958—Mrs. Velmadene Scarbrough

1959—Mrs. Wanda Myers

1960—Mrs. Wanda Myers

Our present slate of officers for 1960 are: President, Mrs. Wanda Myers; Vice President, Mrs. Pat Heard; Secretary, Mrs. Neva Lee; Treasurer, Mrs. Doris Taylor; Superintendent, Mr. Winkler.

The Odin PTA will continue to support our school and community through the years to come.