Odin Methodist Church

The Methodist Episcopal Church South, of Odin, was organized in the year 1886, with twenty-four members. The first trustees were: Robert N. Jackson, George Black, A. D. Trout, and Joseph Full. Meetings were held in Smith’s Hall, and in the homes of members for more than four years. Following a successful revival held by Rev. Reed, the members decided to build a church. A site was purchased on Laurel Street, about halfway between the B. and O. and I. C. Depot and U. S. Highway 50. Deeds on file show that the lot was deeded to the Trustees by W. E. Smith and wife Lois, for the sum of sixty dollars. I have been told by Old Timers that it was donated by Mr. White, whom they called "Uncle Bobbie White." Records show that Mr. William white and wife were among the first members, I presume these are the same persons. Most of the work, or perhaps all of it, was donated by the members and friends. Rev. J. H. McCartney hauled the logs to the mill to make the foundation. The building was completed about 1890, and was called Reeds’ Chapel. Records indicate that Rev. J. W. Wescott was pastor in charge.

About ten years later a belfry and bell was added, and in 1914 an annex was built on the North side of the church to accommodate the growing congregation, Rev. A. M. Stickney was pastor in charge.

In 1925 plans for the present church were begun by Rev. O. H. Sweitzer, and a building fund was started. In 1928, with Rev. H. E. Burge as pastor, the old church was torn down and the present church erected. The dedication of the Odin Methodist Church was in 1929, with Bishop U. V. W. Darlington presiding. The Trustees of the church in 1929 were, Bert M. Moore, A. W. Eaglin, George Eaglin, L. A. Trolliett, C. B. Jackson and Omer Tate. The greater portion of the work on this church, was also donated by the members and friends, assisted by the pastor Rev. H. E. Burge.

Previous to the union of the Methodist Churches in 1938, Odin Methodist Church was host to the Illinois Annual Conference a number of times. Various Bishops who presided during these conferences were: Bishops Galloway, Bischop Hendrix, Bishop Kilgo, Bischop McCoy, and Bischop Darlington. In the evening services, evangelistic sermons were delivered by prominent ministers, including Dr. H. C. Morrison, President of Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky., Dr. J. L. Clark, Wilmore, Kentucky.

Revival meetings were held by prominent ministers, to mention a few: Dr. Andrew Johnson, Rev. E. O. Hobbs, Dr. J. L. Clark, Rev. Monroe Smith, Rev. Haug, assisted by Miss Myrtie Hooker, and Miss Jennie Jinks, Rev. Everett Girard and wife of Dana, Indiana, Rev. Eddie Moran and wife Jeanie Moran of Wilmore, Kentucky. These meetings were a great blessing to the church and many converts were added to the church.

Odin Methodist Church

Odin Methodist Church has sent out the following ministers of the Gospel: Rev. Joseph Lane, Rev. O. H. Free, Rev. T. W. Rippy, Rev. I. E. Meredith, Rev. Ivart Goodall and Rev. Cyril Jackson. Many local preachers and exhorters have been licensed here.

The pastors who have served the Odin Methodist Church are as follows: Rev. J. E. Garret, Rev. Joseph McDaniels, Rev. A. C. Clendening, Rev. L. F. Lawrence, Rev. O. E. Lockhart, Rev. D. W. Ashby, Rev. W. L. Blackwell, Rev. C. W. Lindsay, Rev. Noah Norris, Rev. A. M. Stickney, Rev. R. H. Phillips, Rev. W. D. Simmons, Rev. W. E. Lamp, Rev. O. H. Sweitzer, Rev. H. E. Burge, Rev. R. F. Purdue, Rev. R. F. Willis, Rev. R. F. Scott, Rev. Earl E. Myers, Rev Angus Phillips, Rev. J. H. Burden, Rev. R. Paul Brown, Rev J. H. Miller.

Our present pastor, Rev. Guy B. Watson, who is completing his fourth year.

There have been several improvements to our church in the past three years, namely: Electric Hammond organ was installed, gas furnace was installed, rest rooms were added, Sunday school room was added in the basement for the Primary class, Redecoration of the entire church, upstairs and basement. The cost incurred was approximately $6000.00.

Our present membership, approximately 176.

This is our heritage,

Of which we are justly proud.