Seems as though I can’t find how old the Presbyterian Church in Odin would be, but we wouldn’t be very far wrong were we to say it would match Odin in celebrating its centennial birthday.

My parents belonged there so when I decided to cast my lot with God’s children I joined there. I was baptized by the pastor of that church, Dr. Stone. He came from Centralia every two weeks to hold services in the P.M. as this gave people of other denominations an opportunity to attend and also take an active part in the Sunday school.

I can recall some of the family names, two families of McMurrys, Elrods, Miller, Pontius, Barnett, Rankin, Vaughan, Ardery, Smith, Secor, Robinson, and Harker.

When the church was organized they worshipped in a building south of the Christian Church. Later a brick church was erected a block west of the school. I remember the church was big and plain, not a Solomon’s Temple, but I am sure it was treasured by the Lord and I loved it for I taught school there, two rooms divided by a calico curtain, but we were happy.

The old church is gone now, but lives on in the memory of nine of us who loved it.

Written by Cora Bartlett with Grace McMurry assisting.