The first official meetings of the Odin Junior Women’s Club was held February 18, 1954 in the Odin School gym. Those elected as officers were Evelyn Morgan, president; Mary Lou Hawley, vice president; Barbara Jett, secretary; Delores Hawley, treasurer. There were thirty-eight charter members.

In 1954 we purchased reading material for Odin School Library. Other gifts went to Cemetery Association, Odin fire department and to Centralia Hospital. The year of 1957 funds were given to the American Legion Teen Center; Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, A survey of the town was made concerning the need for sewers, kindergarten and a park. The kindergarten and park projects were organized.

Our club had been federated until 1958. The deciding vote was cast to leave the federation. Various money making projects are undertaken by the club members and this year funds were sent to purchase lights for the community Christmas tree and for the construction of a barbecue pit in the Odin Park. A student to attend summer music at DuQuion, Ill., was sponsored by the club.

The following list of charter members active in the club are – Dorothy Hawley, Irene Risinger, Mary Wooters, Patricia (Pat) Hawley, Ruth Young and Phyllis Rue Uhls.