Odin Forrest Park School

On June 1, 1889, a special meeting to elect three school directors was held at the residence of L. A. King. The directors elected were L. L. Thompson, L. A. King and George West. June 15, 1889, a special meeting was called to locate the school house site. The location couldn’t be decided at this meeting so another meeting was called for June 19th, at this meeting a decision was made and Miss Etta Phillips was hired to teach for $25.00 a month. School was to begin October 7 and last five months.

April 19, 1890, Enoch McMillan was elected director. A contract for wood was let to Benjamin Flanagan at $1.25 a cord. Etta Phillips was re-hired and school was to begin September 15 for a term of five months at $24.00 a month.

The next election was held April 18, 1891. Pools opened at four o’clock and closed at six o’clock. George West was elected director. Miss Clara Norfolk was hired to teach for $22 per month for five months. A contract was let to J. Alexander to dig a cistern eight feet deep, four feet across and 7 feet across at the bottom for $10.00. This also included the curb and platform he was to build.

April, 1892, Lewis Love was elected as director and Miss Nina Robertson was hired for $25,00 per month. The school board clerk was given a salary of $2.00 per year.

In 1897 John Deadmond was hired to build a 10 foot extension on the old building and to move it back. Miss Lorena Meredith was teacher.

Odin Forrest Park School

In 1898 Enoch McMillan was director for three years and Samuel Thompson was hired to teach for five months at $30.00. On April 22, 1899, the voters elected Lorenzo Thompson for three years and Lewis Love for two years. Samuel Thompson was rehired for $33 ½ per month. T. D. Stroup, clerk, adopted some new rules; No swearing on school ground, no whispering and mind the teacher in all things.

In 1900 J. J. Wooters was elected director. George Pate was the teacher. He was hired for six months at $30.00. A levy of $200.00 was made and six new erasers were purchased. 1901 J. J. Wooters was president and L. E. Thompson, clerk. Miss Edith Hays taught for $28 monthly.

On April 19, 1902, the name was changed to Love District 128.T. D. Stroup was elected but later moved from the district and George West filled the vacancy. Cord wood raised to $1.75 per cord.

In 1906 William West was hired at $35.00 per month. G. H. Gilmore, Lewis Love and George West were directors. It was decided that Edna and Emma Love would paper the school hose inside at $1.00 per day with the school board furnishing the paper.

In 1909 cord wood raised to $2.50 and Earnest Jackson was re-hired for $40.00 a month.

In 1912 William West was hired to teach the coming term. In 1913 it was decided to burn coal so a new stove was purchased.

A levy of $325.00 for education fund and $25.00 building was decided upon. J. J. Wooters was to build a coal house, 8"x12" and 6"x8" high. Bert McNealy was hired at $42.00 a month for six months if he would do his own janitor work.

1914 Homer Tate was the new director and Zollie Dial was hired at $50.00.

In 1915 Austa Wainscott of Kinmundy was hired for seven months at $50.00.

Edward Prahl was the new director in 1916 and in June, 1916, a special election was held to vote for a new building. It was voted down. J. D. Seibers was hired to teach.

An election was held in 1918. Bert Buchanan and Bill Love was elected. Coal was hauled by Henry Gillmore for $1.00 a ton. Miss Nellie West taught and did her own janitor work for $50.00. It was agreed to let Walter Farthing’s and Ira Branch’s children attend the school.

Jack Wooters was director and Earl Jackson was hired to teach at $85.00 in 1921.

Nellie West taught in 1923. Dwight Bundy was reelected director. Nellie West was re-hired in 1927. A coal contract was let to Lawrence West at 95c a ton.

In 1935 Carol Harker was hired for $58.00 and he was to do his own janitor work.

Tracy Gillmore was selected director in 1939. Leonard Heinrich remained president and H. O. Wooters remained at his post. Ralph Copeland, Winoma Smith and Effa Featherling taught.

In 1941 M. L. Wayman, Tracy Gillmore and Floyd Tabor were directors. A plot of ground joining the school was purchased fro Bill Love for $250.00. Daisy Clark was the teacher.

In 1942 Frank McDuffee was elected director, M. L. Wayman and Floyd Tabor also served. Mrs. Nettie Romans was the teacher. In 1945 Mrs. Thelma Brame and Jewell Murphy taught.

Harold Henne taught in 1949 with Floyd Tabor, Frank McDuffee and Ralph Gillmore as directors.

In 1952 it was agreed to hire Georgia Purvis but she resigned before school convened and Susannah Soper was hired as teacher. Herschel Weaver taught music.

The last year school was held in District 128 was 1959. On March 1, 1960, the school building, outbuildings and what was left inside were sold. Paul Chance, county superintendent of schools, and Charlie Wesner conducted the sale. Same Davidson of Sandoval bought the building and one acre of ground for $750.00.

Thus ends the history of Love School.

Mary Alice (Wooters) McDuffee.