Odin Brick School

The Brick School district which lies two miles north of Odin, was established as early as 1856. At that time it was district Number One. Later the district was divided and a deed for the original site was given by Green Chitwood and his wife Ruth. The building was of red brick with measurements of 24 by 30 feet.

Some of the early settlers were the families of M. Carrigan, Thomas Sugg, J. Vaughn, and Silas Hurd. These men served as directors for many years.

Records show at one time there were 70 pupils enrolled and the teacher received a salary of $25.00 per month.

In 1920 the building was torn down and replaced with a new frame building. The directors at that time were A. A. Galbreath, W. J. Ramsey and J. P. Hicks. In 1956 the school was closed and the pupils of the district were transferred to a new consolidated school in Carrigan township. Later the building and ground was sold to Dennis and Winnie (Ramsey) Branch for a home-site.