The Otto Moore Post 671 of The American Legion was organized in 1920, with Harvey Hurd, Commander and a charter membership 16. Some of the later commanders were Paul Soulon, Morton Berry, Irvin Hawley, Louis Louder milk and Tommy Day.

In 1919 the home folks started a monument fund, and the Post assumed the task of finishing this project, which was accomplished by having a stand at the Salem Reunion. The monument was purchased from Huddelson Monument Co, in Centralia. The monument was erected behind the Depot in a small park given by the Village for this purpose.

In 1923 the Post sponsored a celebration with a carnival on Main Street. They also gave away a Redbird Overland touring car. Irma Overlin Emmett was elected Queen and was presented a diamond ring.

The second floor of the Smith building was leased and used for meetings and social gatherings. In 1934 the Post was deactivated and many of the members transferred to Salem.

At the close of W. W. 2 the Post was reorganized as Odin Post 671, with Lewis Morgan, Commander. The building known locally as the Miners Store was purchased in August 1951 and has been completely remodeled. It is used for many social functions in the community as well as The American Legion meetings.

Written by Robert Bartlett with the aid of Morton Berry.