Odin BarrSchool

The first school in Odin Township was taught in an empty cabin located near Silas Barr’s in 1834. The school was on the southeast corner of section 22. Peter Wilburn was the first teacher.

In 1902 more school site was purchased from L. M. Kagy for $50.00. This location was west of the old school house. The new school building was erected by W. W. Meyers for $580.08.

The last teacher who taught in the old building was Miss Rena Meredith (1901). The first teacher to teach in the new building was Mr. W. A. Moore (1902). Some of the other teachers were: George Mason, Floyd Farthing, Anna Bennett, Edna Gaultney, Mrs. B. F. Hanna, Myrtle Wood, Vena Farthing, Jennie Anderick, George Keifer, Nellie West, Marie Hurd, S. P. McClelland, Mabel Foster, Nellie Rodgers, Clyde Tate, T. B. McCartan, Viola Harker, Viola Hicks, Warren McCartan, and Charles Kile.