Odin Lakeview School

Lakeview school is not far away;

There I have spent many happy days.

But the loved ones there are almost gone,

Just sixteen left of the happy throng.

The Wheatley’s are making the school their home,

With two little boys to come along.

And pick up news from the party line.

They are Allen and Kent, they are just fine.

Goodbye little boys I hope that you

Will come back again when your school term is through.

Mrs. Ada Sproull.

This school was built in 1893 according to the report. George Griner (deceased) deeded the land at that term. Oscar Kurth was the first teacher it being his first term.

The second teacher was Miss Bessie Meredith. We were taught to repeat the Lord’s Prayer each morning before books were taken up.

We had Sunday school each Sunday. For sometime one of our old time men, "Uncle" Elmer Deadmond, was superintendent of the Sunday school. Flora Griner was secretary.

We all enjoyed going to Sunday school. In the year 1895 Miss Grace Morgan was our teacher. She gave Ethel Rostance and Addie Williams each a poem book, for they tied in a spelling contest December 25, 1895.

Lakeview School District No. 12. Term September 12, 1898-April 14, 1899. Teacher was Jessie Flanagan. The scholars’ names were:

Pauline Zoeller George Noller Mary Yauch

Mary Weber Carl Zoeller Alberta Purvis

Amelia Noller Clyde Gillmore Nellie Williams

Bertha Noller Fred Jackson Grace Weber

Anna Zoeller Clifford Gillmore Bessie Deadmond

Hazel Perry Gussie Yauch Ida Myers

Addie Williams Fred Yauch Grace Myers

Lucy Bryant Jim Garritson Flossie Jackson

Ida Bryant Perry Garritson Louise Noller

Maude Williams Hugo Zoeller Ernest Jackson

Stella Griner Frankie Weber Jesse Deadmond

Flora Day Guy Jackson Jesse Jackson

John Weber Ethel Rostance Frank Jackson

Bertie Gillmore Emma Jackson Harry Myers

Frank Myers Jessie Myers Michael Day

Directors were: W. J. Jackson, president; W. W. Myers, clerk; John Yauch.

Other teachers were: Jim Meredith, Marcy 1902; Roxie Magness, Nora Bennett, Otto Beck in 1915.

District 129 was annexed into Central City in 1941, Jud Seiber taught the school with 38 scholars present.