Odin Fire Department

The first fire protection in Odin was as in all other places the "Old Bucket Brigade."

In the early 1900’s the first fire machine was purchased. It was the hand pump type, operated by men manning the handles on either side. The fire chief at this time was Pete Ingram. Others of this day were Jack Lusch, N. P. Sloan, Johnny Cox, Shanon Morgan, Walter Baugh, Stanley (Peg) Hawley, Stanton Hawley, Robert Jackson and others. It was said there was no trouble getting men as all members of the department paid no poll tax.

In these days the department’s men competed in contests. The most competed in contests. The most popular event was foot races. I am told that John Dowell and Tommy Harris were the best around, and were happy to race anyone.

The department was incorporated in 1902. After the hand pumper, a 1921 Model T Ford truck was purchased and sometime later the department bought another Model T from Xenia. These trucks were manned by a crew proud and anxious to serve. Some of the members were Chief Frank Green, Oran Harrell, Henry Olinger, Chad Phillips, Ben Purvis, Harold O’Brist, Bud Berry, Pid Turner and Bert Turner.

In 193 a new fire truck was purchased. It is still in service today.

Ted Harrell, Dan Fischer, Tommy Harris and Bill Spitler have served as chief on this truck with many of our townsmen as helpers.

In 1953 the Odin Fire Protection District was formed with Wilburn Ellis as chief. This district included the whole of Odin township. This gave the three trustees enough to furnish a first class department.

The equipment now includes two classified pumpers, one classified tanker, a fully equipped emergency truck and a boat for rescue work, which gives Odin a department with a class "A" plus rating.

May the people of Odin and Odin township continue to work together so that our department will be one of which we can be proud as we grow.

Officers of the department; Ward Hawley, chief; Ira Meredith, Ernest Petray, Les Williams, trustees..