Odin Post Office

The Odin Post Office was established about 1861. A Mr. James Garretson, who was appointed by President Abraham Lincoln was the first Postmaster. Mr. Garretson had built a hotel, where the Odin Super Market now stands, and our first Post Office which was of the 4th class was located in the hotel.

Postmaster Garretson was succeeded by a Major Lemons, who had served under General Grant during the Civil War. Shortly after the appointment of Major Lemon the Post Office was moved across the street, East where a number of frame buildings stood. The Office remained there under the Postmastership of David Somerville. After the appointment of Mr. Lafe Somerville, the Office was moved to a frame building next door to the office of Dr. J. J. Fyke on South Main Street. The building stood just East of the two-story brick building now occupied by the Odin Fire Department, and the Masonic Lodge.

Mr. W. D. Farthing was next appointment Postmaster by Grover Cleveland. After his term as Postmaster he again took up his practice as a lawyer, and continued to practice here until he was forced to give up his work by failing health.

Edgar E. Fyke was selected by the Postmaster W. D. Farthing as his deputy in 1885 which position he held until 1887, when he began to study medicine with his father.

Soon after the inauguration of William McKinley, Mr. Henry Hurd was appointed Postmaster. During his term of office the location was changed from the South side of the tracks to North Main Street. Rural free delivery was started, and the office advanced from fourth to third class.

After the inauguration of Woodrow Wilson, Mr. J. M. Dace was appointed Postmaster, and was followed by Mr. William J. West, who served for sixteen years.

Garnett Farthing was appointed in 1934. Helpers are Ruth Johnson, Nina Soulon, Flora Petray Wilbur Hawley, rural carrier, Harvey Hurd, assistant, Irvin Hawley and Joe Moore, mail messenger. During this period Postmaster, and clerks have been placed under Civil Service. The office advanced to second class in 1954, and the lovely new building with all new fixtures was occupied July 3, 1958.

Some of the rural carriers and assistants throughout the years have been George W. Arrowsmith, Frank Robinson, Robert Vaughn, Roy Modlin, Neil Modlin, Earl Harris, Charles Wesner, and Joseph Kerwin, Frank Jett, Sr., mail messengers Roe Lane and Herbert Greggory.