The Charter for the first American Legion Auxiliary of Odin was issued March 25, 1922. Mrs. Sazie Hurd was the first president. Among those active were Agnes Woodward, Maggie Moore, Sarah Pursley, Almedia Nicholson, Lena Morrison, Ida Chappell, Lillian Brode, Leona Pursley, Lena Lockhart, Ragina Hawley and Ida Jett.

Meetings were held in the smith Building and later when the umber grew smaller, in the homes. By 1940 it had ceased to exist.

On May 15, 1947, a second charter was issued to Odin, Unit 671. The charter members were Bertha Soulon, Lena Morrison, Margaret Barr, Goldie Jackson, Evelyn Morgan, Mary A. Morgan, Hattie Sloan, Virginia Wilson, Hazel Soulon, Almedia Nicholson, Mary Hawley, Irma Jett, Beryl Spitler, Leona Pursley, Earline Sebastian, Mildred Gilihan, Lavada Rogussa, Vivian Evans, Ruby Hoskinson, Stella Risinger, Pearl Smith, Nola Claubaugh, Julia Stroud, Mary Lusch, Jessie Crane, Dahlia Lee, Wanda Noe, Marie Tate, Verdy Hurd and Rilla Niewald.

Officers 1947 Officers 1960

Marge Frimel President Margie Wilson

Opal Chappell Vice President Pearl Bregger

Ethel Moore 2nd Vice President Ethel Day

Jeannine Jackson Secretary Geneva Nicholson

Rilla Niewald Treasurer Rilla Niewald

Agnes McHaney Sgt.-at-Arms Margaret Barr

Mae Powell Asst. Sgt.-at-Arms Treva Berry

Thelma Berry Chaplain Waunda Wilson

Geneva Nicholson Historian Geneva Purvis

Presidents since 1947—Marge Frimel, Mamie Jackson, Mae Powell, Geneva Nicholson, Treva Berry, Opal Chappell, Mary Meredith, Beverly Spitler, Bertha Leatherman, Edith Holsapple, Waunda Wilson, Pauline McConnell, Margie Wilson.

We have 39 members for 1960. We have lost only two of our Gold Star members, Mrs. Almedia Nicholson and Mrs. Nola Claubaugh.