Odin Fancy Work Club

The Odin Fancy Work Club will celebrate its 63rd anniversary in August. This club was organized in Odin at the home of Mrs. John Whitchurch, the former Lulu Parker, August, 1897.

There were 5 ladies at the meeting, namely Mrs. Sazie Hurd, Mrs. Robert Vaughan, Mrs. Landon, Mrs. List and Mrs. Whitchurch.

Later at the home of Mrs. Curlee a name for the club was selected. Officers were elected by acclamation. Mrs. Sazie Hurd, president; Mrs. Robert Vaughan, vice president.

Our membership is limited to 24 and we pay a small amount of dues. We help with any worthy cause, sometimes taking up individual contributions for community drives.

One of our projects the past year was assisting the school band with new uniforms.

Mrs. Gum, a member from Salem presents each club member with a club-calendar each year. These show the date of each member’s birthday, also the month they are to be hostess.

During the years we have enjoyed being entertained by members who lived in our nearby towns. Among them were Mrs. Charles Hull of Salem, Mrs. Lulu Whitchurch who moved to Salem from Odin, Mrs. Walter Cope of Tonti, Mrs. May Morris of Salem, Mrs. Essie Seidel, a former member now living in Sandoval, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Love at St. Louis and the Xenia Club at the home of Mrs. Asher Cox.

We are very proud of our club and believe we are the oldest club in the county, meeting continuously from 1897.

Mrs. Vaughan was elected president to fill the vacancy at the death of Mrs. Hurd (Mrs. Marie Tate is vice president and Miss Nettie Hawley is the present secretary and treasurer.