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History tells us that Odin School was first constructed sometime between 1867 and the 1870’s; there is no record of the exact date. History also tells us that in 1881, Odin School was a two-story brick building with two classrooms; two other classrooms were rented by the school board for classroom use, and four teachers were employed.

Due to a lack of classroom space, Smith Hall, which stood at the corner of East Kirkwood Street and Green Street, was used for additional classrooms. At another time, rooms in the Schumacher Building, which was located on the north side of Main Street (Kirkwood), were rented for additional classrooms. Later, in 1898 or 1899, additional classrooms were provided by the Presbyterian Church which stood a block west of the main school. Still later, a wooden frame building across the street west was used for extra classrooms.

Around 1900, a wooden frame building was constructed and attached to the south side of the old brick building. Concrete braces were placed on the north side for support since the old building was considered unsafe.

In 1913, the older part of the present school was built, and the existing wooden structure was moved to the east side of the new building. Later, the wooden portion of the building was torn down, and where the cafeteria and classrooms south of the cafeteria are now, a gymnasium was built (1928). Where the kitchen is now located was the stage area. The gymnasium bleachers and locker rooms were located on the west side of what is now the cafeteria and the scoreboard was in the northwest corner.

In 1950, the first major additional to the school building since the early years was completed. The construction included four new classrooms (those classrooms north of the main office), the administration offices (current main office), and the main gymnasium.

In 1968, the elementary library and three classrooms were added to the existing building (north of the gym). Also, a new band/music room (the current band room) was added during the same construction period.

In 1977, the secondary gymnasium (small gym), coaches’ office, and attached locker rooms were constructed. This gymnasium was constructed primarily to accommodate the legislative requirements of Title IX and the addition of girls’ sports.

In the year 2000, two new classrooms were added to the north end of the building complex, and three more classrooms, in the area between the two gymnasiums, were built in 2008.

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