Odin 2010 and Into the Future

An Achievable Vision for Odin

By Odin Residents

Vision for Odin

The goal of the achievable vision is to focus on making Odin a great residential community in which to raise a family and/or retire. The achievable vision was created from a random survey of proposed ideas acquired from the citizens of our community. The Achievable Vision concept was also approved by the mayor and the village board.

The approved and developed "achievable vision" for our community is as follows: Good community and good citizen behavior come into existence when good policies and directions are placed in front of people.

Here are examples on which the "vision" will focus its attention:

  1. A clean, quiet and safe community
  2. Good educational opportunities
  3. Good parks and recreational activities
  4. Good neighbor policies by treating each other in the manner we want to be treated
  5. Developing and supporting city ordinances that benefit the community
  6. Eliminating unnecessary and unlawful levels of noise ranging into residential areas
  7. Developing a program (example: Project Curb Appeal) that would project community appeal and civic awareness, maintain eye appealing lawns and property with landscaping, planting shrubbery, and flowers; and by maintaining streets and lawns that are free of refuse and trash containers; thus projecting residential integrity and good will.
  8. Working with schools and churches to develop a student volunteer group that would support the accomplishment of the aforementioned vision.

Odin will never be a manufacturing area or a shopping area. These are nearby and convenient. Odin is a residential area. Therefore, our focus and vision for the citizens of Odin should be in making and keeping Odin a desirable residential area.