The History of Odin One-Room Schools

During those early years of education in Marion County, one-room schools spotted the rural landscape. There were six such schools with grades one through eight which had a relationship with Odin Public Schools. Eighth Grade graduates from the schools later had the opportunity to attend Odin Community High School. Also, as time passed and many of the small one-room schools closed, their students would attend Odin Elementary School, as well as Sandoval, Central City, and Selmaville, depending on school district boundaries.

Barr School - Began in an empty cabin near the Silas Barr property in 1834. The first regular school house was built of logs and stood near the McClelland-Anderick Cemetery. Later, Barr School found a new location southwest of Odin at the corner of Farthing Road and Red Stripe Road, where it remained in operation until the mid-1950’s. Of the six one-room schools that served the Odin rural area, Barr School was in operation for the longest period of time (1834-1950’s – approximately 120 years).

Brick School – which was located two miles north of Odin on Seven Hills Road, was established in 1856 and continued to provide education for students until 1956 when the school closed. Students from that district were then transferred to Carrigan School, and when Carrigan School District closed, the students continued their education at Odin Public Schools or at Sandoval School, depending on school boundaries. Brick School was in operation from 1856 until 1956.

Rankin School – was located east of Odin on the northwest corner of U.S. Highway 50 and West Line road. The school was established in 1884 and continued in operation until it was closed in 1944. Students were then transported to either Odin, Selmaville, or Salem depending on school boundaries. (1884-1944).

Matthews School –was located west of Odin at the northeast corner of U.S. Highway 50 and Norton Road where the land was deeded for school use in 1885. The school continued in operation for several years after 1936 (records are incomplete); however, it was later determined by state law that there were not enough students to hold school. Students were transferred to Steward School and later the district was annexed by Odin and Sandoval School Districts. (1885-1936+)

Lakeview School – was located south of Odin on Community Beach Road between Odin Road and Norton Road. The school as built in 1893 and continued in operation until 1941 when it was annexed into Central City School District. Some of the students attending there continued their education at Odin Public Schools. (1893-1941)

Love School – was located southeast of Odin on Soper Road between Odin Road and West Line Road. The school first opened its doors to students in 1889 and was in operation until 1959. Love School was the last of the six schools to close its doors. Most of the students from Love School transferred to Odin Public Schools; however, some of them went to other neighboring districts. (1889-1959)

The era of the one-room school came to an end in 1959, with Love School being the last to close its doors. With exception of the Barr School building south of Odin, all that remains of the one-room schools are the brown and white roadside markers that identify their former locations.