Assembly of God Church

By Don & Margie Decker

Assembly of God Church

The Assembly of God Church was temporarily set in order by M.A. Malone, August 30, 1939, electing as board member, Arthur Griffin; secretary-treasurer, and deacons. Rev. Florence Boucher was unanimously elected as the first pastor. On August 2, 1940 the church was officially set in order by Rev. Clyde Bailey and adopted the laws of the Illinois District in regard to voting in a pastor and joining the Fellowship of Assembly of God. Most all of the roster’s charter members had moved by 1960. The church will be celebrating its 70th year anniversary this August. During that time many wonderful people have served as our pastors prior to our current pastor of four years, Rev. Carl Hester. Rev. Hester and his wife transferred here from the Assembly of God Church in South Roxana, IL (near St. Louis) where he was the Pastor and Christian School Administrator.

Earnest Halfacre donated the building site and the congregation erected the church building, later remodeling and adding the class rooms. In the late 1940’s the parsonage was purchased and an extension to the building was made for a Fellowship Hall and additional space for Children and Youth Programs. In the past three years, the Church and Fellowship Hall received some remodeling and updates, including a new sound-system.

The Sunday School and Church attendance has remained near the same; while some were added, others moved/transferred, due to employment and such. Record attendance in our Sunday School is 107, with Morning Worship being near the same.

Tribute to Rebecca "Becky" Minton-Roddy: Sister Becky began playing the piano and organ for the church services when she was 7 years old. She always contributed her awesome talent as a gift from the Lord. She remained faithful to play and to lead the choir until health issues forced her to step down in the past 2-3 years. She and her husband, Bill Roddy, were also active in the Youth Program. We, as her church-family, wish to offer our heartfelt gratitude to Becky, for her faithfulness to this church-family and her work in the Kingdom of God. She now resides in Odin Healthcare.

Tribute to Romelle Minton-Moore: Romelle was a faithful member of our church and was known for her gentle, loving spirit and as a mighty prayer-warrior! She served many years as a Sunday School Teacher. Her husband, Bob Moore, was a church deacon up to her death. We, as her church family, also want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to her. She now resides in heaven with our Lord.

A large, illuminated cross is in the process of being erected on the outside of the church, in memory of Romelle and her father, Perry Minton, who resides in heaven with his lovely wife.