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Accomplishments & The Future

Mr. David FrimelMrs. Ruth Bartlettmr. Ples Wilson

During a period spanning more than 150 years, the citizens of the Village of Odin and the surrounding rural area have been very supportive and pro-active in relation to the needs of the educational systems of Odin Schools. The results of their support have paid great dividends for the students, as the school has produced doctors and nurses, lawyers, a state senator, numerous educators, a professional basketball player, professional baseball players, airline pilots, and a host of others who have contributed much in various other fields of the work force. Alumni and citizens have played an active role in the success of Odin Schools. In fact, many of the administrators, teachers, and non-certified staff are graduates of Odin Community High School. Although the list of those who contributed to that success is long, a few of these people deserve special mention.

One of those special people is Mr. Ples Wilson, who owned Wilson Funeral Home and also Wilson & Wilson Monument Company; he contributed much to the school as well as to the community. Ples Wilson was a member of the board of education for many years and did much to promote academic improvement. He was also very progressive-minded and actively involved in the improvement of the school building and grounds. His outstanding service was recognized by the school and the community when the school gymnasium was named in his honor as "Ples H. Wilson Gymnasium". Ronald Reagan, who was one of this college classmates and President at the time of the dedication, sent a letter congratulating him on his service to the school.

Another of those special people is Mrs. Ruth Bartlett, who served as a cafeteria manager for a period of forty-four years and retired in 1996. Mrs. Bartlett was honored by having the school cafeteria dedicated to her. Outstanding service and love for students and staff made her a very special part of Odin Schools for almost half a century. Her picture now hangs in the school cafeteria on the wall that bears her name "Ruth Bartlett Cafeteria."

Still another of those people is Mr. David Frimel, who served on the Board of Education for over forty years. In 2009, he was recognized by the school and community for his long and excellent service to Odin Schools. This span of time was recognized by the State of Illinois as the longest period in the history of our state ever to be served by a school board member. Mr. Frimel was also honored by having the new 2008 addition to the building dedicated to him.

Odin Public Schools is proud of its educational heritage. Recently, Odin Community High School was recognized by U.S.. News and World Report magazine as one of the best high schools in America. Being honored on a national level has encouraged students and instilled a sense of educational pride in the community. The future looks promising as current boards of education, administrators, and staff strive to keep pace with the ever changing needs of today’s world and work force. Odin Public Schools, as always, stands as a beacon of hope for the students and citizens of our community as they look toward the future.