Women’s Sports

By Michael Dunbar

The most glaring change in Odin sports in recent history is the addition of women’s sports. The first volleyball team competed during the 1975-1976 season with girls’ softball and basSoftballketball picking up the following year. Both softball and volleyball are still played while girl’s basketball is now played through a co-op at Sandoval High School. The girls’ team has seen a ton of success especially in softball. The current program is among the finest around for a school of its size. The career win percentage for the softball program remains well over 500 as of this year with the teams getting consistently better. The volleyball program is also on the upswing with the teams becoming more and more competitive. The development of girls’ sports in the town of Odin has made a lasting impact on the school and the community. Win or lose, the hard work and dedication of the young ladies of Odin add another welcome chapter to Odin’s rich sports history.