Odin Post Office

By Una Minton

Post Office

According to the Odin Centennial Booklet of 1960, Abraham Lincoln appointed the first postmaster, James Garretson, about 1861. Postmaster Garretson was succeeded by Major Lemons who served under General Grant during the Civil War. W.D. Farthing was appointed Postmaster by Grover Cleveland. President McKinley appointed Henry Hurd Postmaster and President Woodrow Wilson appointed J.M. Dace.

Garnet Farthing was appointed in 1934. During this period the Postmasters and clerks were placed under civil service. The office advanced to second Class in 1954 and a new building was occupied in July 1958.

For the next twenty-seven years the following postmasters served: George Murphy, Flora Petray, Una Minton, & Jim Milano.
Post Master: Deanne Donoho
Postal Clerk: Sherri Andrews
Postal Carriers: Tom Perkins, Bryan Terry and Jennifer Smith.